Meet Lyndall

“My coaching programs are designed to create a foundation for you to map out and start living your best life. Whether it’s individuals, executives or entire companies, I believe with the right tools, support, motivation, we can all achieve our own vision of success.”



Why I can help you

Many people seek coaching when they reach a tipping point – a need for positive change. It can be triggered by a major life event such as death, divorce, a milestone birthday or a sense of wanting to invest in yourself. It can also be a more physical trigger – burn out, stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue. For others it is a sense of dissatisfaction with life – getting stuck in a rut at work, feeling resentful within family life, becoming fearful of change. What I can help you with is setting priorities and goals as well as understanding how critical self-care and boundary setting are in life. As an individual, I live these principles day in day out and with these tools I have created the life, business and career that I had a vision for. To do what I love, share my knowledge, help make change and continually see incredible results are the greatest gifts.

Professional bio

Lyndall Mitchell is an accredited coach, speaker, author and consultant with over 20 years’ experience and expertise in the business and healthcare sectors. She is the Founder of the award-winning Aurora Spa Group and is a sought after commentator on business and wellness, recently featuring in the Australian Financial Review, the Today Show and the Sydney Morning Herald. Her Masterclass of Wellness, developed in 2015 with fellow coach Shannah Kennedy has toured Australia and given the opportunity for hundreds of executives to learn about wellness, mindfulness and stress reduction. Through her spas, coaching and speaking, Lyndall helps clients achieve their biggest, best and happiest lives.

Lyndall’s executive coaching is a natural extension of her life experience in business and wellness. She offers her clients a deep knowledge of all aspects of wellbeing as well as insights gained from leading a fast-growth retail and wholesale business. Lyndall privately coaches a limited number of clients including senior executives, business owners and teams. “I help my clients to find balance in all parts of life and the motivation to live their best lives.”

One of the fundamentals of Lyndall’s approach is self-care. Throughout her career, Lyndall has seen the benefits of bringing care and calm to everyday, regardless of the schedule. This has allowed her to avoid burn out. “I’ve found a way to grow a highly successful business, nurture my family and precious personal relationships without ever compromising my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I’d like to help you do that too.”

Before starting the groundbreaking urban spa Aurora Spa Retreat in Melbourne, Lyndall’s held senior roles at the pioneering Australian health retreat, Camp Eden where she designed and delivered the optimum living program. Lyndall is married and has two beautiful daughters.


I still clearly remember the time I met Lyndall Mitchell and experienced first-hand the powerhouse she is! It was well over 20 years ago, my first visit to Camp Eden health farm in Qld and I was struggling through the week for many different reasons. Lyndall was a life coach back then without realising it and helped me through some tough moments with an open heart, a beautiful smile and all the encouragement in the world. She made an average week, an exceptional week and we have remained friends ever since. I have followed her success with Aurora Spas, instilling everything she believes in holistic wellness and now she is finally exploring her true gift… life coaching.

She not only has a vision for how we can best get the most out of life and find balance but she lives her beliefs and practices what she preaches. She has a gift for giving, understanding and helping you find the path ahead that’s best for you. I still learn from her simple reflections and truly hope that others can experience her brilliance.

Deborah Hutton, Founder, Balance by Deborah Hutton

As a General Manager I always seek to inspire my team. Inspiration combined with balance, focus and personal awareness can lead to great results. When I met Lyndall I realised that she combines and personifies all of the above. Thanks to Lyndall\’s professional and personalised support my team and I have reached a next level in our development , success and aspirations. Thank you so much Lyndall!

Marco den Ouden / General Manager / Alila Villas Soori Bali

“Lyndall has an amazing and unique ability to take your career and life to another level through creating a challenging, engaging and trusting coaching relationship. Every aspect of my life shifted dramatically.”

Cade Brown, Director, PwC

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