Chaos to calm

Even the most confident people have days of low self-confidence. We are human beings, not machines. This book was written as your handbook for life, a wellness tapas menu for you to pick up any time and refamiliarise yourself with a valuable skill to master. Each chapter starts with a general explanation of each topic, moves on to examples and exercises you can do, then provides a list of ‘power thoughts’ to help you, a summary, and some inspirational quotes. Remember, practice is the key to mastering any skill: just like riding a bike, you will keep it forever if you just keep having a go.

We are confident this book will be a valuable resource for you as you start moving from chaos to calm. We wish you an amazing experience as you unlock each chapter and enable yourself to grow, evolve, flourish and live each day confidently.

Confidence is a mindset. Confidence is a decision.

You have to decide to be and feel confident and drive from there.




Lisa Messenger

“The ultimate recipe to help you to find the courage to be the most important person in your life and guide you towards great acceptance and happiness.”
Deborah Hutton – Founder Balance by Deborah Hutton

“Lyndall and Shannah, both experts in their fields, motivate individuals to evaluate how they currently handle multiple demands in an ever-changing environment, and to consider new strategies for managing stress. personally and professionally.   This set of foundational life skills helps to maintain focus and direction in our professional and personal life.”
Paul Fog – General Manager, Wealth Division NAB

“Educational and essential. Practical guidance on life and wellness skills which are so important to build confidence and reach our full potential in all aspects of our lives.”
Cindy Hook – Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Australia

“The combination of Shannah & the Lyndall – The Essentialist’s, is sheer brilliance, an incredible combination of skills and knowledge coming together.”
Maryanne Shearer, Founder T2

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