Life Coaching that fuels
transformational change

Identify what is important, create a clear future vision and be guided through the journey towards a fulfilled & happy life.

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Do you want to achieve your biggest goals?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked?
  • Do you feel weighed down by the daily grind?
  • Have you got big dreams and no idea
    how to achieve them?
  • Do you want to put yourself first?
  • Are your every day tasks fuelling you?
  • Do you want to get more out of every day?
  • Are you struggling to find clarity and purpose?
Start Your JourneyAbout Lyndall

Coaching with Lyndall

Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, we’re here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.

Lyndall gives her coaching clients permission to pause & ignites the hope required to fuel transformational change.  Through her innate ability to form trusting connections, Lyndall cuts through the chatter and distraction of life to help her clients identify what is important to them, create a clear future vision and guide them through the journey towards a fulfilled & happy life.

  • Get absolute clarity on the top goals for you in the next year
  • Isolate and reframe limiting beliefs that have held you back
  • Devise a plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes

Create a coaching package that is right for you and your journey.


Define personal values & ignite hope for a new future vision


Take responsibility for your well-being. Design the action plan of change & understand the unique habits & rituals that need to be embedded into daily life to make transformational change possible.


Maintain optimum engagement in life: physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally.


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Begin with a complimentary discovery session


• Get in touch using the contact form

• We begin with a complementary discovery session to get to know each other and your goals

• Based on our discover session, we create a customised coaching package and schedule for you

• During our coaching sessions we’ll develop your vision for a future that truly fuels, flourishes and ignites you

• We then create a personal, step-by-step roadmap to turn your vision into reality


‘Performance, health, and happiness are grounded in the skilful management of energy.’