Lyndall’s Masterclass of Wellness was the highlight of our Staff Wellness Week. I strongly believe in taking the time to dream about the life you want, and then work towards to achieving your goals and happiness. Lyndall bought that home through a clarifying, interactive and supportive workshop.

- Kristina Karlsson, Founder & Creative Director, kikki.K

Since meeting Lyndall I’ve completed my business plan, I’ve changed my full-time job and I am now in a much better position, far less stressed and earning more! Coaching has allowed me to give up things in my life that were making me miserable and I now have hobbies, healthier relationships and goals that I strive for. Working with Lyndall is the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experience I’ve ever been through.

- Ingrid Issa, Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach

I still clearly remember the time I met Lyndall Mitchell and experienced first-hand the powerhouse she is! It was well over 20 years ago, my first visit to Camp Eden health farm in Qld and I was struggling through the week for many different reasons. Lyndall was a life coach back then without realising it and helped me through some tough moments with an open heart, a beautiful smile and all the encouragement in the world. She made an average week, an exceptional week and we have remained friends ever since.

When I launched BalancebyDeborahHutton.com.au my communication channel that helps and supports women to achieve their best, I could think of no one I wanted to have on board more than Lyndall. I have followed her success with Aurora Spas, instilling everything she believes in holistic wellness and now she is finally exploring her true gift… life coaching.

I asked Lyndall to join me on Balance as one of our mentors/coaches. She not only has a vision for how we can best get the most out of life and find balance but she lives her beliefs and practices what she preaches. Our followers loved her insights and got to know her like I did, all those years ago. She has a gift for giving, understanding and helping you find the path ahead that’s best for you. I still learn from her simple reflections and truly hope that others can experience her brilliance.

- Deborah Hutton, Founder, Balance by Deborah Hutton

From our first relaxed and enjoyable session, Lyndall was able to pinpoint the areas of my life in need of immediate action. She was then able to provide me with a manageable and results driven plan with a tantalising glimpse of a very positive and exiting future.This instilled a sense of inspiration and confidence in me, replacing my previous feeling of being overwhelmed. Her professional yet always empathetic approach means that while she understands your personal situation, needs and desires, she is able to view and map the pathways for attaining your goals, and provides markers along the way to keep you on track and measure your progress. Her practical approach also teaches you methods to apply in difficult or complex future situations.

Sincere thanks Lyndall for sharing with me these invaluable and practical lessons in essential life skills. I look forward to the challenges of the future with a new and enlightened approach.

- Jo Davis, Pharmacist

Lyndall is an inspirational and motivational person who has challenged me to realize my full potential in all areas of my life. She challenged me to set career goals and has helped me enormously to achieve them, by supporting me and inspiring self-belief.

Lyndall has a listening soul and ability to understand and has helped create my own ‘toolbox for happiness’. She is also able to break down the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards success, whether it be, defining my career direction, realizing personal goals and achievement and most of all taking charge of my life!

- Luke Rankin, Partner, Building Firm

Lyndall was recommended to me by another coach that had been recommended to me who was unavailable. I firmly believe the Universe was at work.

I was immediately at ease and respected her business record – credibility was important to me. I am in awe of her personal achievements and her humble approach is without ego or judgement of others.

Lyndall is kind and firm and enables me to be the same – kind to myself but with firm direction.

She has challenged me on many things and shone a light (sometimes a great big blaring spot light) on misplaced “beliefs”. One of the Covey sayings “light is the greatest disinfectant” has been clearly demonstrated to me by Lyndall’s insightful yet gentle probing to uncover the basis of the “beliefs” which all too often seem to be because I have made up a story in my head. I sometimes (literally) hear Lyndall telling me that I am making up stories.

She has made me identify what I describe as my pillars – these are the real principles by which I live my life. Through them I have both a clarity of vision to the outside world and a platform from which to feel safe.

- Vicki Macdermid, Partner, Accounting Firm

I came to see Lyndall, because I often found myself sprinting to some nondescript finish line and ultimately running in circles.

Through our four sessions together, Lyndall helped me put theory into practice; teaching me to be content with the “now”.

Putting the breaks on a woman who has a mile-a-minute approach to life is no mean feat! Lyndall has helped me to pause, find the mute button for my harsh inner critic and move clearly towards my goals by linking them with my core values.

The lessons never came in the forms I expected them to… but through the tools she equipped me with, I was in the right space to receive them. I found Lyndall to be a wonderful sounding board, guiding me through the work, with no judgement and absolute support.

I will continue to access the tools she has passed on to me as the journey unfolds! Thanks Lyndall.

- Tracy Alexander, Media Professional

Lyndall has an amazing and unique ability to take your career and life to another level through creating a challenging, engaging and trusting coaching relationship. Lyndall uses a range of techniques that are thought provoking and ultimately allow you to improve every aspect of your life. Every aspect of my life shifted dramatically in a positive manner and, importantly, Lyndall sets you up for these changes to be embedded and to become your new ‘normal’. I would recommend Lyndall’s coaching to anyone and I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship in the future.

- Cade Brown, Director, PwC

I could not put a price on what I have learned during my life coach lessons therefore I am thankful every single day.

I have never met someone with such calmness, kindness and genuinly so happy to see the achievements you make. The tools I have with me now will empower me through every aspect of my life.

I look forward to many many more sessions to come!

- Esma Hubanic, Practice Manager, Surgery Clinic

I attended the Master Class of Wellness and found the session very helpful in understanding how we are unwittingly can make ourselves unhappy by exposing ourselves to everyday occurrences such as reading the newspaper, listening or watching the news and pop up front page news on our digital devices. These media sources are often full of information that impacts on us negatively, this was an extremely enlightening bit of information that will assist on the road to happiness!

Your delivery of the information was clear, memorable and very usable to my every day life!

- Louanna Kingston

I attended a Master Class called Hardwiring Happiness on the Gold Coast with Lyndall. I found her to be an engaging speaker, passionate about health, well -being and happiness and was committed to help each member of the group take a step forward in their personnel journeys. I found the short course very beneficial with supported information through web sites and a book called “Positivity”.

- Heather Smith

I experienced burn out 18 months ago. Although I felt ready to work again 14 months later, I felt the passion and confidence had disappeared.

Having life coaching with Lyndall has really turned things around for me. Our conversations have given me focus and direction. I feel in close alignment with my values, my dreams, my strengths. I feel I am steering my own boat again. This time though the journey is far more exciting.

- Amanda, Narrative Therapist

My coaching experience with Lyndall was very insightful. Lyndall guided me to connect with my inner self so I can gain the clarity to get my priorities in order in all areas of my life. We covered a lot of ground in a short time.

I felt immediately comfortable with Lyndall’s calm and centered approach. I’m on my way to living my life’s purpose equipped with my personal future road map and a rudder to help steer me in the direction of my goals, aspirations and my heart’s longings. I plan to continue receiving life and wellbeing coaching from Lyndall as I feel Lyndall can help me be the best version of myself.

I highly recommend Lyndall Mitchell.

- Carmen Belzunce, Wishy Washy Windows

I was lucky enough to have my lovely and very generous boss ask me if I was interested in having 4 sessions with Lyndall as he was a big advocate for the benefits of having a Life Coach after having one for a number of years.

I have to say I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and whether I really needed a Life Coach but I really enjoyed the sessions with Lyndall and we spent a lot of time laughing at how busy I had made myself. She made me realise that I needed to focus on my health and fitness so that I can be the fun mum and wife I want to be. I need to simplify and declutter, own my own time and stop being my own biggest OBSTACLE in life!!!
Thanks Lyndall I already seem to have so much more time to relax.

- Angelique Glasson, Territory Loans

I was lucky enough to be offered four sessions with Lyndall by my employer. Initially I was a little sceptical about life coaching but I am so glad I was given this opportunity.

Being a busy mum of three, life had become more about doing instead of being. Lyndall helped me uncover my strengths and use these strengths to give my life structure and direction. I am now taking responsibility for my time, my choices and my happiness with achievable goals and pathways to reach them. I loved Lyndall’s method of utilising my strengths to better my life instead of trying to change who I am.

Thank you Lyndall for your warm, caring nature and for helping me on the road to becoming the mother, wife and person who I want to be.

- Kerry Thompson, Territory Loans

I met Lyndall through Shannah Kennedy, whilst reading Simplify, Structure, Succeed. I was a stage in my life where I did not what to do or how to get there. The book was helping me realise that life can get pretty confusing and too busy, and that we need to go through a process to Simplify. I did some research and found that Lyndall was well respected in Life Coaching. Wow. what an positive experience and it was the best investment in Me that I had ever done.

She made me feel valued and that I had a place to be in this world. It was hard work and very challenging working through everything, but well worth it. I now have a sense of purpose, a direction for my life and a new career to look forward to as well as having some new habits. Thank you Lyndall, I have really appreciated your generosity and kindness.

- Mark van Tatenhove, Project Manager, Retail Construction and Design

Before I worked with Lyndall I was sending my mind into a spin. I felt unsettled and didn’t know which direction I was heading in. Lyndall helped me to simplify things and get really clear on my goals by focusing on my strengths and values to achieve them. My life has more structure, more fun and I also take time out for myself which I never really did. Lyndall provided great insight, care and love during our sessions.I am really grateful for the experience and I am on my way to creating the life I want. Thanks Lyndall!

- Jackie K, Training Manager

I worked with Lyndall to develop a range of business strategies and priorities. Lyndall is a master of getting to the heart of an issue and ensuring you focus on what is most important. This creates real clarity and purpose and, for me, her process was applied with great effect. Lyndall gains your trust immediately but will challenge you heavily- while all the while being a joy to deal with. The outcomes and results from working with Lyndall are tangible and highly valuable. I could not recommend Lyndall more highly.

- Scott Brownbill, Director

I found Lyndall’s coaching to be very inspiring, clarifying and helpful. Lyndall identified the issues that were holding me back and created a very clear direction for moving forward. I now know the roots of my problem and most importantly how to eliminate these to achieve my long term goals. Lyndall is a great coach!

- Fransiscus Eko Hadi Prasodjo, Financial Controller

Many thanks for coaching session, I found it really helpful and even though I was aware of many of the problems I need to fix, I found your suggestions enlightening. Sometimes you need that extra push or external hand in order to achieve your goals.

In strongly believe that from the moment I start consistently following these steps, my performance at work will be closer and closer to the expectations.

- Fernando Trump, Executive Chef

Thank you for the discussions. Having personal coaching sessions with you really woke me up from my long ‘sleep’. Sometimes you just need someone to wake you up and send you back on the right track. This really means a lot to me and I am sure for others around me.

- Sherly, Director of Sales and Events


Lyndall developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop for our senior management F & B team at Alila Soori. Lyndall was able to adapt her expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. Her experiential approach reinforces learning and provided our participants with much to think about, skills to apply when back in their own workplace and strategies to use when leading and working with their teams.

I thank Lyndall for this opportunity and hope we can repeat this.

- Fernando Trump, Executive Chef

As a General Manager I always seek to inspire my team. Inspiration combined with balance, focus and personal awareness can lead to great results. When I met Lyndall I realised that she combines and personifies all of the above. Thanks to Lyndall’s professional and personalised support my team and I have reached a next level in our development, success and aspirations. Thank you so much Lyndall!”

- Marco den Ouden, General Manager, Alila Villas Soori Bali

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