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Lyndall Mitchell Life Coach Buro-Malaysia-Alila-Villas-Soori
Büro, June 2015

Life Coach and founder of Aurora Spas Lyndall Mitchell has more than 20 years experience and shares her wellness tips for the mind and body with Büro Malaysia.

Lyndall Mitchell Financial Review Qantas Aspar Aurora Spa
Financial Review, July 2015

Some spa directors would have baulked at the challenge. Spa treatments are by definition leisurely experiences that leave you totally relaxed. How can you achieve that result in just 20 minutes? When Lyndall Mitchell, founder of Aurora Spa, was invited to provide spa services in...

Lyndall Mitchell Life Executive Performance Coach on, May 2015 is a Chinese-language online magazine covering luxury fashion, beauty, real estate, lifestyle and travel content. For the full article please click here.

Lyndall Mitchell Executive Life Wellness Coach Fengsung article
Fengsung, May 2015 is a Chinese-language luxury lifestyle website covering hotel, travel, fashion, and trends. For the full article, please click here.

Lyndall Mitchell Executive Life Coach La Vie article
La, May 2015

La Vie is a leading Chinese interior design & lifestyle magazine in Taiwan covering lifestyle, architecture, interior design, fashion, dining, lifestyle and leisure. For the full article please click here.

Lyndall Mitchell Life Coach Private Master Class of Wellness June 2015 Alila Villas Soori Bali, April 2015 is an indispensable online luxury lifestyle guide for the global mobile elite, covering travel, lifestyle, culture, fashion, and beauty content. For the full article, please click here.

Lyndall Mitchell Executive Life Wellness Coach Melbourne Australia
Sydney Morning Herald, Executive Style, July 2014

Life Coach Lyndall Mitchell talks to Sydney Morning Herald about helping stressed out executives make the most of their time. “When we take time to focus on what is important to us, it clears the clutter to refocus on what the fundamentals are,” says Lyndall...

Lyndall Mitchell Shannah Kennedy The Boardroom Retreat
HR Daily, April 2015

Stress is costing Australian businesses $12.3 billion each year, but simple wellbeing practices used in the workplace on a daily basis can significantly reduce it, according to wellness experts. Leaders who take time out daily to reduce their stress levels – even if they don’t...

lyndall mitchell shannah kennedy boardroom retreat
Daily Mail Australia, April 2015

‘You can be wearing leather pants and still be zen': Meet the ‘Thelma and Louise of Wellness’ teaching Australian CEOs how to be mindful in the workplace. Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell are ‘Thelma and Louise of wellness’. The pair have decades of life coaching...

Lyndall Mitchell and Deborah Hutton get Australia meditating on Channel 9's Weekend Today show
Channel 9 Weekend Today Show, March 2014

Life & Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell & Deborah Hutton, Founder of Balance, appear on Channel 9 Weekend Today to host a one minute meditation for all Australians. Click here to watch.

Gold Coast Bulletin talks to Lyndall Mitchell Life Coach
Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin, February 2014

Life Coach and Founder of Aurora Spa Retreats Lyndall Mitchell talks to the Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin about her Hardwiring Happiness session, part of a series of Master Classes of Wellness she offers in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Time Out Melbourne, March 2013

Through a series of guided visualisations, exercises, a wheel of balance and Venn diagrams, Mitchell can get to the root of which areas of your life need attention and what the solutions might be. Time Out had a session and was given practical solutions as...

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