What is coaching?

For me coaching is about making the changes in your life that take you closer to creating your personal and professional success.

It is a powerful and effective tool to help you navigate and bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. It is your personalised plan.

It is really interesting the Harvard Business Review research on the Top 3 Reasons coaches are engaged. Coaches are engaged to:

  • 1. Develop high potentials or facilitate transition 48%
  • 2. Act as a sounding board 26%
  • 3. Address derailing behaviour 12%

This research also found that a critical ingredient in a successful coaching relationship is the client being “highly motivated to change”. I totally agree that the people I coach (executives, entrepreneurs and all sorts of people wanting to get the most out of life) have a fierce desire to learn and grow. It is also about chemistry. The right match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching relationship. Without it, the trust required for optimal executive performance will not develop.

Through my coaching programs, I will equip you with effective tools, tips and personalised strategies to broaden and build your best personal and professional future path.

What We Work On

I help you…

  • discover your unique values and strengths
  • create a clear vision of the life you want to live
  • design sustainable steps to success
  • improve your confidence and self-belief
  • reduce anxiety and stress at work and home
  • increase energy in your career and personal life
  • identify what you’re passionate about, what inspires you
  • build your leadership capacity
  • build authentic relationships with yourself and others
  • manage your time effectively and increase personal productivity
  • discover the work/life balance that’s right for you
  • improve your experience in your current workplace
  • set goals for professional development
  • improve your health and wellbeing

How It Works

One size does not fit all. These programs are tailored to suit and together we discover the tools to unlock your best possible life, using practical solutions that make the most of your strengths. I like to work in the following ways:

One-month intensive

4 x weekly sessions (4 x 60 minutes)
I recommend this approach when a really critical issue has surfaced and needs intensive attention.

Two month program

4 x fortnightly sessions (4 x 60 minutes) this is actually 4 x fortnightly sessions
Suits busy executives that are looking for performance boost and behaviour changes in the short-term.

Four month program

4 x monthly sessions (4 x 60 minutes)
For people wanting steady change and lots of time between sessions to work on making positive change.

Six month program

6 x monthly sessions (6 x 60 minutes)
A six-month program really allows new habits to be embedded and for Future Map and Habit Plans to be fully integrated into daily life.For more, please contact me.


What others say…

‘Lyndall has helped me to pause, find the mute button for my harsh inner critic and move clearly towards my goals by linking them with my core values.’ – Tracey, Media Professional

‘Every aspect of my life shifted dramatically in a positive manner and, importantly, Lyndall sets you up for these changes to be embedded and to become your new ‘normal’. – Cade, Director


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